Reservation Speil

        Welcome to Half Dome Hideaway's reservations page.  If you are reading this then you have visited our website and we are very happy to serve you.  My wife and I have lived in these mountains for almost 40 years and we have a simple "Ma and Pa" operation.  We only have this ONE vacation rental that we want to personalize for a limited number of guests.  In order to save time,  we want to clarify a few things right away: 1.) The "main guest", who signs the contract, must be at least 35 yrs old  2.)  8 people maximum occupancy STRICTLY enforced. Children count as people too 3.)  We DON'T ALLOW ANY PETS WHATSOEVER. This includes "comfort pets" and "seeing eye  dogs"  4.)  There's no smoking INSIDE the house  5.)  This is a 3-story house that isn't set up for people with difficulties on stairs and small children  6.)  The bottom of the driveway is very nicely made of concrete, but steep. The upper driveway is not so steep, has 2 levels with parking for 3 cars and turn around space. See photos on our website for a better look.   A 9-passenger van, for example, may have difficulties going up and turning around.  All other standard size cars, trucks and vans do fine. There is plenty of parking on the street for oversized vehicles
        If you've passed this initial screening then we think our home would be nice for you.  We plan on doing reservations DIRECTLY with our customers, someday, to get away from all of the fees charged by PayPal, VRBO, Visa, etc.  However, we are currently using to do all our reservations and handle the money. Our VRBO house # is 1093142. Please use our email to contact us for further inquiries. Thanks